Own a Music Store?

Are you an online video game seller?


Welcome to Repackit USA! We have great news for you! Our tabletop, compact size overwrapper machine Repack-It 101 can pack your open box DVD, CD and video games as if packed by industrial overwrapper equipment. Repack-it XL is the only machine in its size and price range that can wrap DVD and CD jewel cases professionally! Our tabletop manual DVD/CD overwrapper is dedicated to small or medium size businesses. It provides not only cost effective CD overwrapping solution but also professionally finished packaging solution. If you cannot afford an expensive automated packing machine or your daily workload is not enough for an automated overwrap packing system, our Repack-it 101 is the perfect solution! Our manual packaging system provides an economical solution for short runs with CD / DVD Packaging


Only $479.99 (including 50 pieces of DVD Polysheet)

Our machine makes your open box media items retail ready! By retail-ready we mean that your CD, DVD, video game cases will look just like the ones you can purchase from a local electronics store in brand new condition. What could you ask more from a packaging machine? Low cost! Compact size! Easy to use! and Immaculate finish! Besides those wrapping a case professionally takes less than 15 seconds only! Please see our machine in the action above! - Sealing with heat !


Introducing the REPACK-IT XL


  • Compact, light, sturdy and resistant

  • Made of iron and aluminum

  • Fast in reaching the operative temperature

  • Low electricity consumption, only 25 watts!

  • Heat cut-off security feature

  • 1 year warranty





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